QDC is known for giving back to the community through charity events and efforts. Each year we support a charity that we believe coincides with our club’s vision and values, as well as running workshops and performances in both the Queen’s and Kingston Community. Our Gotta Dance! Team, our newly established QDC Performance Team, and our staff-led workshops all help to promote QDC and allow us to give back to a wonderful city and university. We are always looking to be more involved in initiatives, both on campus and throughout the Kingston community, so if you see anything in our descriptions below that you would like to know more about, send us an email at outreach@queensdanceclub.com.


The Gotta Dance! program is an initiative started by Queen’s Dance Club, where our club members facilitate dance workshops in local elementary schools and community organizations. The goal of Gotta Dance! is to make dance more accessible to the Kingston community and incite positivity in others through the exploration of movement.

By bringing this initiative to a number of diverse audiences in our community, we can spread the love of dance to as many as possible. If you are interested in having Gotta Dance! be a part of your community program or would like any more information about the initiative, please direct your email to our Co-Outreach Directors.

The Gotta Dance! Team has been immensely successful since its start four years ago, and we are thrilled to continue this opportunity for the 2018-2019 year! This team will be responsible for planning and teaching comprehensive lessons, promoting mental health and its relation to dance, and creating a positive and fun environment for the students and youth who participate. If you are a Queen's student interested in learning more about the positions being offered, you can contact our Co-Outreach Directors at outreach@queensdanceclub.com. Applications for the Gotta Dance! Team will be available in September, so stay tuned for the deadlines!

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QDC also contributes to the community through dance workshops. These workshops, taught by QDC staff, are fun dance classes in a variety of styles and levels. They are a fantastic way to get moving and grooving while raising awareness for our charity, as well as other initiatives we are supporting in the community. If you are interested in running a dance workshop with QDC, we invite you to contact our team!

QDC Performance Team

The Queen’s Dance Club Performance Team is comprised of a group of dancers that take an interest in performing and representing the values of the Queen’s Dance Club. Through performances at various events in the Queen’s and Kingston communities, dancers have the opportunity to learn a choreographed piece by one of our QDC teachers, practice in the studio and showcase it at upcoming events! We are looking for dancers of any level who are passionate about dance, committed to the team, and interested in showing others what QDC is all about! Applications and more information will be coming in September. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our Co-Outreach Directors by email or on our Facebook page!


QDC is thrilled to announce that we will be partnering with Jack.org as our charity of choice for the second year in a row! 

Jack.org was started by parents, Eric Windeler and Sandra Hanington, whose son died tragically by suicide during his first year at Queen’s University. To carry on their son’s legacy, they created this organization in order to spread awareness and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

We have chosen to partner with Jack.org because we are passionate about this cause and believe that dancing is a great outlet to relieve stress and improve overall health. We are extremely humbled to be able to work in collaboration with such a powerful organization, whose values align so well with our own.

If you would like to learn more about Jack.org and our partnership, please contact our Fundraising Director at fundraising@queensdanceclub.com or go online to their website at www.jack.org!

Stay tuned for updates and details regarding the various ways in which we plan to fundraise for this incredible organization.