Sydney Melrose

Advanced contemporary Teacher 



Name: Sydney Melrose

Year and Program: 2nd-year politics major 

Hometown: Toronto, ON

What is your favourite part about QDC?

There are many aspects to QDC that I enjoy but my favourite must by the opportunity it provides to share in an art form we all love. QDC offers an open space to reach beyond your comfort zone and try new things. It also provides you with a place where there are people who share the same love of dance. QDC is an amazing environment filled with people who want to learn and grow and also want to see you do the same. This is why my favourite part of QDC is the amazing environment that it provides. 

What does dance mean to you? Dance means so much to me. I have been dancing since the age of three and haven't stopped. I can’t remember a time when I wasn't dancing. Dancing is my favourite thing to do and makes me feel better when I have had a bad day. The ability to create and explore movement is an irreplaceable feeling that only dance provides. Dance is something that I have always and will always love to do. 

Favourite Netflix TV show: My favourite binge-worthy show on Netflix is Black Mirror. I spend to much time rewatching all the episodes.

Favourite place to travel: My favourite place to travel to is Paris. I went here when I was in grade 12 and I will never forget how amazing the city was. 

Dance Background/Experience

I have trained competitively in dance since the age of 4. I trained in the genres of Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip hop, Acro and Ballet. I danced a Sean Boutilier Academy of Dance. I have completed up to my Intermediate ballet exam. I was also apart of team Canada for dance where I competed in Germany.