Sophia Anne di prospero


Sophia Anne DiProspero.jpg

Name: Sophia Anne, Sophia or Soph

Year/ Program: 4th Concurrent Education- Major Global Development Studies; teachables Geography and English

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario

What does dance mean to you? Dance has always been a source of connectivity to various individuals that  have contributed a deep and unique impact on my life. Dance has been a sense of community and a piece of ‘home’ I can bring everywhere with me whether that being within the walls of the studio or just doing a dab/ the woah in public. Dance has helped me mature and grow into the person I am today as it has not only been an expressive outlet, but it has allowed me to dive deep into who I really am through different opportunities it has given me throughout my lifetime. 

What is your favorite youtube channel? ACE FAMILY #HEYACEFAMILY #ELLE #CATHERINE #ALAIA #AUSTIN 

What is the theme song of your life? Bet on it by Troy Bolton- Highschool Musical 

If you were a special award, what would it be called and why? “Let’s Get Loud”- because 1. I love a good Jlo song reference 2. In the song, Jlo talks about how you have to be loud in your own way and essentially ‘do you’.... I’m all about that!!! I think everyone has something to offer in their own unique way. I find that in today’s society, we have become very hard on ourselves because the world has created a competitive space. We aren't necessarily competitive with one another, but what is worse is that we are constantly in pursuit of competing with ourselves. We have to be our own cheerleaders and I think “Let’s get Loud” is essentially saying we have the ability to be loud for ourselves. Be your own HYPE MAN!


You can contact Sophia Anne and her Co-President, Elyse, any questions regarding QDC