Nina Li

Diva bootcamp teacher

Diva Bootcamp will be a class full of booty shaking and hair whipping, but most importantly, feeling confident, sexy, and empowered. This class is targeted towards dancers with at least 2-3 years of experience as it will move at a relatively fast pace, but everyone is welcome to learn and grow! Throughout the year this class will expand your comfort zone with a lot of inspiration from the greatest divas of our time, and leave you ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE. Get ready to let loose, get comfortable in your own skin, and unleash your inner Bey!

Nina Li.jpg


Name/Nickname: Nina Li

Year/Program: 4th year Commerce

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

What does dance mean to you? Dance means being a part of a community that allows you to share yourself with complete vulnerability. It means putting yourself out there, learning from the people around you, showing everyone what you’re made of, and leaving as a more empowered and confident person.

Most memorable dance experience? Getting to teach my first class at my studio back home!

What is your favorite youtube channel? ThePalaceDanceStudio (or anything with the Royal Family on it)

What is the theme song of your life? Freedom- Beyonce

Dance Background/Experience

  • Competitive dancer for 13 years

  • Completion of the ADAPT jazz and tap syllabus

  • Teacher at Dana Hanes Dance Company

  • Member of QCDT

  • Taught for QDC last year