Nina Li

Advanced Jazz Technique Teacher - semester 1



Name/Nickname: Nina Li

Year/Program: 3rd year Commerce

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

What is your favourite part of QDC: My favourite thing about QDC is the friends I have made, and amazing people I have met through the club. I’ve always looked to other dancers for inspiration, and have definitely found it from the hundreds of talented QDC students that continue to share and grow their love of dance.

What does dance mean to you? Dance means being a part of a community that allows you to share yourself with complete vulnerability. It means putting yourself out there, learning from the people around you, showing everyone what you’re made of, and leaving as a more empowered and confident person.

What is your favourite dance move? A good ol’ booty pop

What is your guilty pleasure? Downing a bag of cherry sours in one sitting

Dance Background/Experience

  • competitive dancer for 13 years
  • completion of the ADAPT jazz and tap syllabus
  • teacher at Dana Hanes Dance Company
  • member of QCDT
Check out one of Nina's Jumps and Turns combinations to see if Jumps and Turns is right for you!