Miranda yu

pre-Advanced contemporary Teacher 


This class is geared towards dancers with a strong technical background and at least 5 years’ experience in ballet and contemporary. A typical class will involve a warm up, creative exercises, improv, and a combination. I want to challenge dancers with non-traditional contemporary and movement in the hopes of pushing dancers outside of their comfort zone. If you want a fun, inclusive class that will challenge your technical and stylistic abilities, this one is for you! I’m so excited to share the studio with you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions about the class. Let’s dance!



Name/Nickname: Miranda Yu

Program/Faculty: 4th year Life Sciences

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

What does dance mean to you?

Dance transcends language, our beliefs, and our backgrounds; it has the power to unify anybody, anywhere in the world. With movement alone, we can express ourselves better than any words can. The best part about dance is that it can serve whatever purpose you need it to. To me, dance is an outlet for creativity when I need to switch gears from routine. Learning, exploring and growing as a dancer is something that has and always will exist parallel to other aspects of my life.

Favourite Netflix show: The Office

Favourite place to travel: Anywhere with mountains

Three things I would bring to a deserted island: The Queen, because the whole world would be looking for her; CardiB, for the quality entertainment; and a bottle of red wine to pass the time until we’re inevitably found.




Dance Background/Experience


I trained competitively in ballet, tap, jazz, musical theater, and contemporary at the Linda Jamieson School of Dance in Ottawa for 12 years. The style that resonates most with me is contemporary. This will be my second year teaching for the Queen’s Dance Club. I am also a contemporary and jazz instructor for Rhythm Dance Center in Kingston.

Check out some of Miranda's choreography to see if Pre-Advanced Contemporary is a good choice for you!