Megan Jones

Beginner Ballet Teacher 


If you’ve ever wanted to take a ballet class or took one when you were a little ballerina in a pink tutu and want to pick it back up then this is the class for you! In this beginner’s ballet class we will begin by warming up with some barre work which will help develop our technique, strength and fundamentals! Then we will take those basics and apply them to the centre where we will focus on balance, different turns and jumps, and growing our ballet stage persona! At the end of class I will guide you in a short combination or variation which will be an excellent application of our learned skills. As the weeks progress we will integrate new steps and vocabulary to produce a show stopping recital dance. This is an excellent class if you are wanting to nourish your inner pink tutu wearing ballerina!


Megan Jones.jpg

 Name/Nickname: Megan/Megs

Year and Program: 2nd Year Life Science 

Hometown: Comox, BC

What does dance mean to me? Dance is a way to express myself when I otherwise can’t. Sometimes that can be as simple as breathing or other days it’s how I channel my emotions into something that makes sense.  Dance is a distraction, I can throw myself into the discipline and forget all my worries, it’s my way through life.  

Theme song of your life: “Run the World (Girls),” by our Queen Bey

Most memorable dance experience: Going on tour to Mexico and Disneyland with my dance company!

Picture this: you fall on stage and the photographer managed to get a shot of you mid fall. What would you caption the picture? “And they say ballerinas are graceful”

Dance Background/Experience

  • Dancing in a variety of styles since I was 3 including highland, ballet, tap, contemporary, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and pointe since age 11

  • Danced competitively since I was 5

  • I’ve done one or more solos since I was 7

  • Completed Modern, Tap, and Highland exams 

  • Éclat Youth Dance Company (EDYC) for 4 years focusing on traditional ballet and contemporary training

  • Trained with world renowned choreographers and performers with EYDC

  • Guest starred in multiple companies shows 

  • Assisted and taught dance since age 12

  • Toured with EDYC to Mexico

  • Dance the Magic at Disneyland, taking class with Disney choreographers and dancing in the parade

  • Part of Queens Dance Club’s Performance Team