McKenna Carnegie

Advanced Jazz Technique- Semester 2


In the winter semester, if you're looking to refine some of the technique that was left behind when high school ended, this class is for you!

The class will begin with a good warm up to work on flexibility before we go into across the floor combinations. A lot of this class will be focused on kicks, jumps, and turns, so we will spend a large portion of the class doing across the floor in order to strengthen this technique. We will focus on refining skills that we have previously learned, while learning new tips and tricks to expand our repertoires. We will also sometimes learn combinations that pull together all of the technique that we have been working on, as well as add in some more personal style and flare to keep the class super fun.

I would recommend about 8+ years of training in ballet and jazz to help with this class. I can't wait to dance with everyone!



Name/Nickname: McKenna Carnegie

Year and Program: Third Year commerce

Hometown: Hamilton, ON

Favourite part of QDC: My favourite Part of QDC is the fact that dancers with different experiences are able to continue dancing at university. Dance is such a great outlet for stress, and helps keep people healthy, making QDC an amazing and accepting place for dancers during their time at Queen’s.

What does dance mean to you? Dance has always been a constant in my life. Due to this, it has become synonymous with fun, friendship, comfort, and freedom. Dance means so much to me, and has given me an outlet for both stress and creativity.

What is your favourite dance move: Leg grabs because everyone loves a good Y stand.

Which Harry Potter house would you be in and why? Ravenclaw, because that’s where pottermore sorted me and who doesn’t love Luna Lovegood?

Favourite place to travel to: Scotland as I went there for my exchange this fall!


Dance Background/Experience

I began dancing at the age of 3 and danced competitively from ages 7-18. As a competitive dancer I got many incredible training opportunities through guest teachers, conventions, and national level competitions. I completed my graded RAD and vocational levels Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 1. I got experience in teaching dance as I assisted my ballet teacher for 6 years with her RAD grade 1 and grade 2 classes. I then went on to teach my own ballet classes when I was in the twelfth grade, as well as I ran my own dance based company called DanceCam which focused on improving the technique of young dancers. I have continued my dance journey here at Queen's by teaching for QDC as well as being a member of Queen's Competitive Dance Team.

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