Marie-Ange Kanellos

Director of sales promotions 


Marie-Ange Kanellos.jpg

Name: Marie-Ange Kanellos

Nickname: Mak, Happy Feet 

Year: 2nd 

Program: Life Sci

Hometown: Kingston, ON 

What does dance mean to you? Dance has always been a creative outlook, allowing me to express my emotions. Dance fosters a unique level of inclusiveness. It has the power to bring people together from all over who share the same passion. Dance is responsible for some of my closest friendships, and has always been there for me when life gets difficult. I’m so grateful to share my passion with the QDC family. 

What is the theme song of your life? New Shoes by Paolo Nutini. You’ve probably never heard it, so you should go give it a listen! Shoe shopping is perhaps a bit of an obsession of mine, but the first step is admitting that you have a problem, right?!

If you were a special award, what would it be called, why? If I were a special award, it would be called “Kan Can.” My parents always tell me that I can do whatever I decide to put my mind to. It’s also a pun, which I love… and it has a dance component! 
Picture this: you fall on stage and the photographer managed to get a shot of you mid fall. What would you caption the picture? “Channeling my inner Jennifer Lawrence”