Maddie Lownie

Advanced Contemporary Teacher 


Advanced Contemporary is a great class for dancers with a high level of training. The class consists mostly of modern dance movement which is very distant from the structured look of ballet. However, the movement will still require one to be knowledgeable of how to use one’s body in a way that avoids injury so a background in both modern/contemporary dance and ballet is recommended. The class will often have no set music or counts in order to challenge dancers to phrase independently and may also have no set floor plan so the dancers can practice taking combos in different directions. Class structures will often consist of a brief warmup before learning a set combo and end with an opportunity for dancers to perform the combo in small groups or experiment with the movement. Class structure may differ if a class with no mirrors or partnering has been planned. Dancers should be able to pick up choreography quickly and be confident being flexible (in terms of timing, facing, etc.) with choreography.


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Name/Nickname: Maddie, Lowns

Program and Faculty: 3rd Year Philosophy

Hometown: London, ON

What does dance mean to you?

Dance to me is an experience unlike any other. Dance is something which I can commit myself to entirely; when we dance who we are and what else is going on doesn’t really matter. Everything else takes a backseat when I am dancing, and that is a very refreshing feeling.

Favourite Netflix Show: Terrace House is one I am watching right now, super relaxing

Harry Potter house: Ravenclaw, I like to study when I enjoy the subject

If you could work under one choreographer who would it be and why? Ohad Naharin, because his choreo is insanely cool

Dance Background/Experience

  • taught for two years, helping choreograph for final recitals and offering exam prep classes

  • 17 Years of Studio dance training (modern + ballet)

  • Second year teaching for QDC, previously taught Pre-Advanced Contemporary during the 2017-17 school year

Check out some of Maddie's moves to see if Advanced Contemporary is a good fit for you!