Mackenzie Lee

Pre-advanced Lyrical Teacher 


Pre-Advanced Lyrical will focus on finding and enhancing your movements through musicality and lyrics from songs! This class is the perfect space to try new things, find your own style, and create a flow of movements from inspiration of those around you and the choreography I provide. It is my goal for this class to come together and support one another as we experiment with new moves, emotions, and creativity in our dancing. It is recommended that you have about 5-7 years of dance experience for this class. The usual layout of the class will be a calming warm-up and stretch, followed by technique or across the room exercises, and ending with a combo! I am so excited to work with a great group of dancers to explore the art of dance and show it off in our two recitals!




Name/Nickname: Mackenzie, Kenz

Year and Program: 3rd year, Concurrent Education PJ (Health studies major, psychology minor)

Hometown: Kingston, ON

What does dance mean to you: It means everything to me. It has been such a large part of my life for so long and I can't imagine my life without it. It has opened me up to such an amazing community of people and I wouldn't have some of my closest friends in my life if it wasn't for dance. Most of all, it is a way I can express myself when words can't. Dance is such a powerful and positive outlet and for that I am forever grateful for this art!!!

What is your favourite Netflix show? Okay this is hard to narrow down to 1, but top 3 are friends, grey's anatomy, and the recent addition: Brookyn 99. (Also One Tree Hill is my all time favourite but sadly on the Netflix)

What is your guilty pleasure: Chocolate.

If you could work under any choreographer who would it be? Travis Wall. Go look up any of his choreography and you'll see why.

Dance Background/Experience

  • started dance at 3, and started dancing competitively at 7
  • trained and competed in the disciplines of jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, contemporary, and musical theatre
  • completed dance exams in the ADAPT, BATD, and RAD syllabi
  • hold qualifications of Advanced Level 2 RAD Ballet, and Advanced ADAPT Jazz and Tap
  • taught dance technique and choreography to athletes involved in both recreational dance and competitive gymnastics in the Kingston area
  • taught Intermediate Lyrical for QDC during the 2017-18 school year
Check out some of Mackenzie's choreography to see if Pre-Advanced Lyrical is right for you!