LaurieAnn Stevens

Advanced Choreography Teacher 


Hi dancers, welcome to Advanced Choreography for 2017-2018! Dancers looking to take this class should know we will not be participating in Mid-Year Recital in the fall term, but focusing instead on different types of movements and expanding our repertoire through combinations, ranging in styles from week to week. After fall term we will vote as a class if we wish to continue this combo-style or have a Final Recital piece. Students should have a minimum of 10 years dance experience, and we will be incorporating movement from ballet, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and even some acrobatic elements. I will be introducing a new skill every week that is designed to push each of you so that we can learn and grow together as a class. Our classes will consist of cardio, stretching, two types of conditioning each week, combinations, and some improvisation. Most importantly, I want this class to be fun, and for us to share in the enjoyment dance brings all of us. Can’t wait to see you in Studio 4!



Nickname: LA, Lo

Year and Faculty/Program: 5th Year Classics Major

Hometown: Orillia

What does dance mean to you? Dance is a fluid expression of myself. Performing onstage is the best feeling in the world to me.

If I could live in any city, which would it be and why? Egypt, because I have always thought their culture fascinating, and as a Classics Major I would love to excavate their ancient artifacts.

What is my favourite dance move and why? Tilts, because I thought they were so cool, but could never do one, until I worked all summer on it once. It’s a reminder to myself, that I can do anything I put the effort into and work for.

What is my guilty pleasure? Tattooing shows and anything Rupaul’s Drag Race! I’m obsessed.

Dance Background/Experience

  • competitive dancer for 14 years
  • trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, acro, and tap
  • member of the FLOW Performance Crew in previous years
  • taught Inter/Advanced Contemporary and Advanced Choreography for QDC the last two years


Check out this video for an example of LaurieAnn's choreography to see the type of moves you should be able to do at the start of the year in Advanced Choreography!