Lauren ho

Advanced Ballet technique Teacher


Advanced Ballet Technique is for those of you who want to continue your ballet training in a professional, yet easy-going environment. Classes will start at the barre for warmup and stretching, then move into the centre for fun and challenging combinations. In some classes, we'll also learn a classical variation with the option of dancing en pointe. Special attention will be paid to maintaining and improving technique so all the hours put into ballet when you were younger won't be going to waste. Despite the focus on technique, the goal of this class is for you to leave the studio loving ballet even more than when you came in. It's recommended that you have at least 8+ years of dance experience to take this class.


Lauren Ho.jpg

Name: Lauren

Year & Program: 2nd year Commerce

Hometown: Hong Kong

What does dance mean to you?

Dance has given me the confidence I didn't know I had, opened up numerous opportunities, and allowed me to meet some of my favourite people. Without it, I would've lost valuable lessons that only hours on stage and in the studio can teach you, and I would be a much worse person for it.

What is the theme song of your life? Movement by Hozier. It's hard to describe dance using words but something about Hozier's voice (and Sergei Polunin in the music video) is so inspiring.

What is your favourite YouTube channel? Justice Der posts the best guitar covers

Most memorable dance experience? When I was 10 I was so homesick and cried so much during a five-week Boston Ballet Summer Intensive that they changed the age to 13+ the next year.


Dance Background/Experience

- Intensive training in ballet since age 3, and pointe work since age 10. Also trained in contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre

- Performed lead roles in Cinderella, Le Corsaire, and Tinkerbell with my home studio

- Extensive professional performance experience in films, fashion shows, commercial events, ballet productions, and musical theatre

- Taught open contemporary classes, and assisted jazz intensives and dance auditions for large scale productions

- Member of QCDT