Kathryn Thow

Co-outreach Director

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Name/Nickname: Kathryn Thow, Kat, Kath, Smiley!! :)

Year/Program: Psychology and Environmental Studies Year 4 

Hometown: Vancouver, BC 

What does dance mean to you? Dance means having fun and trying new things! Before coming to Queen’s, I had zero dance experience. My friend convinced me to try a QDC dance class and safe to say it was the best decision I made in uni!! To me dance represents being open and comfortable with myself, plus being goofy and having fun! It doesn’t bother me if I have no idea what I’m doing. At QDC, I have the time of my life with a bunch of accepting, awesome people.

 What is the theme song of your life? “Come and get your love” by Redbone. People say I’m constantly in a good mood and this song always makes me feel happy and chill.

If you were a special award, what would it be called and why? If I were a special award it would be called the giggle award, because I never stop laughing. I will laugh at bad jokes, silly cat videos, stressful situations, and how much chocolate I can consume in one sitting (my record was a bar the size of my forearm). I will literally laugh at anything at any time of the day. 

Picture this: you fall on stage and the photographer managed to get a shot of you mid fall. What would you caption the picture? Oh no, here we go again …


You can contact Kathryn and her Co-Director with any questions regarding QDC outreach, including Gotta Dance!, volunteering, and our charity, at outreach@queensdanceclub.com.