Julia Bourque

Advanced Tap Teacher 

I am so excited to be teaching advanced tap this year and providing a challenging and fun class in which we can explore rhythms together. It will be filled with new techniques, fun combos and a wide variety of music from 1930's jazz to 21st century classics! I can't wait to shuffle ball change with everyone!



IMG_9784 (1).jpg

Name/Nickname: Jules

Program/Faculty: Second year commerce

Hometown: Ottawa, ON

What does dance mean to me?

Dance gives me that shiver down my spine that you only get when you are doing something you truly love. Though often times dance means late rehearsals, sweat, tears and a lot of tieless effort, it also means drive, passion, love and immeasurable reward.

Favourite dance move: The time step. Best tap classic there is!

Favourite place to travel:  London England, its old and has so much character

Which Harry Potter house would you be from and why?

I would be slytherin because I value ambition, cunning and leadership. I also secretly love Malfoy.

Dance Background/Experience



I trained for 12 years with Leeming Danceworks in Ottawa, wining multiple regional titles and high score awards for my tap solos the discipline quickly became my favourite. I have completed most levels of the ADAPT tap syllabus and trained under choreographers such as Everet Smith, Ryan Foley, Allison Toffan and Jean Link. In 2017 I was awarded the technical excellence award at the one national finals for mastering the art of tap.


Check out this example of Julia’s choreography to see if Advanced Tap is right for you!