Joseph Oladimeji

Intermediate Contemporary Teacher 


The main focus of Intermediate Contemporary class will be movements. Each dancer and person is different therefore we will be working on identifying different ways one can move and create shapes based on their own abilities. At the end, will will be creating a unified piece that allows each dancer to showcase their individuality.



Name/Nickname: Joseph Oladimeji (Jo, Joe, Joey doesn’t matter)

Year and Program: Second year doing a Medial in Psychology and Gender Studies

Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario

What does dance mean to you? It’s a way for people to communicate and express themselves without words, it is both thrilling and beautiful to watch.

If you could work under any choreographer who would it be and why? 

I would love to work with Travis Wall I have followed is career for many years now and I would love to be one of the dancers he creates many of his masterpieces on. He is so brilliant and has a way of showcasing the best in all his dancers, I also had the opportunity to catch a few of his shows live and I’m still in awe, lol.

World of Dance or SYTYCD? And why? SYTYCD for sure, I like watching the process of the dancers learn new routines and how they react under that type of pressure every week. In the dance industry you have to be able to do what the choreographer gives you too some extent, that’s what being a dancer is and SYTYCD gives its contestants the platform to showcase this ability.

What is your most embarrassing dance moment? At a very important dance audition it was the final rounds of cuts we had to perform a routine we worked on all day and I completely blanked in front of the judges and agents so now every time I dance I worry that I might blank again lol.

Dance Background/Experience

I started dancing at a late stage I started dancing at the age of 15! I trained for 3 years at Step with Style Dance production in several genres such as Ballet, Tap, Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop and more!

Check out some of Joseph's choreography to see if Intermediate Contemporary is right for you!