Joseph Oladimeji

Pre-advanced Contemporary Teacher 


This year I have the lovely opportunity of teaching the Pre-Advanced level of contemporary class! My focus will be on improv as well as incorporating other genres of dance into contemporary style. So, dancers who take my class will get to experience styles such as Contemporary-Ballet, Contemporary-HipHop, and more while furthering their improvisation skills!


Joseph Oaldimeji.jpg

Name/Nickname: Joseph Oladimeji (Joe, Joey, Bob, Jack, Sis, whatever you want.)

Year and Program: Third Year Psychology Major

Hometown: Oshawa, Ontario. I am originally from Lagos Nigeria, but I live in Courtice ON since I moved a while back.

What does dance mean to you? Dance to me is freedom, it is an opportunity to push yourself and experience a different side of the arts that can be very emotionally liberating. Dance helps build strong communities amongst people and wonderful memories. It is a surreal experience that I believe everyone should experience.

Theme song for your life: This is a very difficult question because my theme song for my life changes based on my mood. If I went with the popular one my theme song for my life would be "Donatella" by Lady Gaga.

Dance Background/Experience

I started dancing at a late stage I started dancing at the age of 15! I trained for 3 years at Step with Style Dance production in several genres such as Ballet, Tap, Acro, Contemporary, Hip Hop and more! I also taught Intermediate Contemporary for QDC last year.