Jamie Davison

Service director + Beginner/intermediate lyrical Teacher 


Beginner/Intermediate Lyrical is the perfect place for you if you are new to dance or have some experience and are ready to branch out into a new style. This class is a fantastic way to develop technical skills, have fun, and meet amazing people, while escaping to a safe space to express your emotions through movement. Lyrical takes the fundamental steps and technique from ballet and jazz and brings them together with a focus on expression and storytelling.

In each class, we will start with a warm up to develop flexibility and strength, followed by short combinations of steps done across the floor or in the center, to learn technique and practice transitioning between movements. Every other week, we will learn a new short piece to a favourite emotion-filled song that we will continue to work on the following week. This will allow you to practice learning and remembering choreography and help you feel more confident when we learn the final pieces to be performed at the end of 1st and 2nd semester.

The goal of Beginner/Intermediate Lyrical is to help you to feel comfortable and confident in your ability to learn choreography, express your emotions through dance, and feel part of the Queen’s Dance Club community.


Jamie Davison.jpg

Name/Nickname: Jamie, James, Jamo

Year/Program: 4th year, Sociology

Hometown: Burlington, ON

What does dance mean to you? Ever since I started dancing when I was 3, what dance means to me has continually changed. When I was really little, dance meant getting to play with my friends and goof around when the teacher wasn’t looking. As I got older, dance meant practice, dedication, and competition as I began to work really hard to improve. When I was in high school, dance became an escape where I could tune out anything else that was going on and be fully present. Today, dancing in university with QDC, the meaning of dance for me has come full circle. Today, dance means getting to goof off with my dance family, working hard because I am still learning every class, and getting to escape from the stresses of university life. Dance plays just as big a part in my life today as it did when I was 3 years old, doing bounces on stage with a bow on my head, but I hope I’m a little bit better now :)

What is your favorite youtube channel? First We Feast (“You’re watching Hot Ones, the show with hot questions and even hotter wings”)

What is the theme song of your life? “Life’s What You Make It” by Hannah Montana

Picture this: you fall on stage and the photographer managed to get a shot of you mid fall. What would you caption the picture? “It was at this moment, Jamie knew, this was not going well…”

Dance Background/Experience

I began dancing recreationally when I was 3 years old, then competitively when I was 6 at my local dance studio, Studio PAVAS, and continued until I graduated high school. I have competed in jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary, musical theatre, and acro in solos, duets, trios, and groups all over Ontario and in New York, Las Vegas, and Chicago. My technical training followed the PAEC (Performing Arts Educators of Canada) syllabus and consisted of 10 levels of examinations (pre-primary to advanced) in the styles jazz, tap, ballet, and acro. I have been teaching since I was 14 during the summers as well as the regular dance season. I taught students ages 3 and up in jazz, tap, lyrical, musical theatre, and ballet and choreographed recital pieces and as well as taught the PAEC syllabus.

You can contact Jamie with questions regarding club clothing and merchandise at service@queensdanceclub.com.