bella Viel

Advanced Ballet Teacher + co-outreach director


Advance Ballet is the perfect class for those of you looking to learn correct technique, engage creatively and achieve the perfect balance of enjoyment and learning. It is recommended that you have 8+ years of experience take this class. A typical Advance Ballet class will start at the barre, move to the centre where we will do some adage, pirouettes and allegro exercises and also learn some classical variations. My goal is to create a welcoming environment, where you can always feel free to ask me any questions. Advance Ballet is a great way to strengthen technique and performance, while meeting new people and having fun!


Bella Viel.jpg

Name/Nickname: Bella Viel

Program/Faculty: 3rd year Life Science and Health Studies Major

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

What does dance mean to me? Dance has shaped the person I am today has given me a passion that will last forever. From watching the older girls dance around on their tippy toes when I was four, to becoming the older girl that the young girls would look up to, inspiration to dance has never been in short supply.

What is the theme song of your life? Young, Dumb and Broke - Khalid

Most memorable dance experience: When I was 13, my four dance friends and I performed ‘Danse des petits cygnes’ from Swan Lake on an Australian television show. The show was called ‘Everybody Dance Now’ and Jason Derulo was our coach. So yeh, I met Jason Derulo, which was pretty cool. And if I am with you anytime a Jason Derulo song comes on, I can assure you I will always tell you “I met Jason Derulo”.

Favourite youtube channel? Literally anything.

Dance Background/Experience

  • Started dancing at the age of 4 at Mosman Dance Academy in Sydney, Australia.

  • 3 years of full-time ballet at Sydney Ballet School.

  • Danced at the Royal Ballet School summer school in London, England and at the Alberta Ballet Summer School in Calgary.

  • Danced on Australia’s Got Talent and Everybody Dance Now.

  • Competed in the Genee International Ballet Competition in Antwerp, Belgium, 2014.

  • In 2015, I had final auditions for the English National Ballet School, the Birmingham Royal Ballet School and the National Ballet School of Canada.

  • Completed all of my Royal Academy of Dance ballet exams with distinctions.

  • Trained in ballet, contemporary and jazz and taught ballet, jazz and contemporary classes for students between the age of 3-12 at my home studio for 3 years.