Hayley Klimovich

Co-Marketing Director + Intermediate Lyrical Teacher


Intermediate Lyrical is for those who have a small amount of dance background but may or may not have explored the Lyrical style before. Lyrical is a mix of ballet and jazz  and focuses on storytelling through that movement. In this class, students will build on their previous training while being challenged with some more advanced moves. Class will include a dance in both the mid year and final recital. 

Hayley HS.jpg

Name/Nickname: Hayley Klimovich 

Year and Program: 4th year Commerce

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

Fav part of QDC: My favourite part of QDC is the incredible people i’ve met in class. I have made so many incredible friends from variety of programs who I probably would have never had the opportunity to meet without QDC. It’s great having friends who share a love from dance which allows the friendships to go beyond the studio. 

What does dance mean to you? Dance for me is an opportunity to express creativity and movement. Having grown up dancing i didn’t think I would be able to continue it throughout university but QDC is the perfect opportunity to continue dance in a fun and inclusive environment. Going to dance class is a time for me when I can forget external stress and take time to do something Iove. 

Favourite place to travel: Copenhagen, Denmark! I was lucky enough to live in Copenhagen for 4 months for an international exchange and I beyond fell in love. It is such a beautiful sustainable city and the people are so happy! Everytime I traveled somewhere else I was always excited to come back to Copenhagen. 

Favourite Netflix TV show: My favourite binge experience is from a show that is actually not on Netflix... I binged Game of Thrones and truly did not have a life for 3.5 weeks. It was wonderful and terrible. If you know you know.   

Three things to a desert island:  I would bring my Harry Potter collection (which I am counting as one thing), sunscreen and ... 

Secret Talent: Not so secret but I make wonderful hummus. 

Dance Training and Experience:

  • 13 years training at Studio West Dance

  • Winner of the Dance Power Western Canadian Championship

  • Dancer in the 2010 Paralympic Opening Ceremonies

  • Advanced 1 R.A.D ballet

You can contact Hayley and her Co-Directors with any questions regarding QDC marketing at marketing@queensdanceclub.com.