Elyse Reynolds

Co-president + advanced tap teacher


Make some noise and get ready to tippity tappity and flappity until your feet fall off! Advanced Tap focuses on exploring complex patterns, timing and rhythms. This class provides dancers with the chance to challenge themselves through various combinations across the floor, technique exercises, rhythm improvisation and choreography. It is recommended students have tap experience that is above and beyond the foundational level with at least 8 years of prior tap training. Get ready to grow as a tapper in an environment filled with laughter, learning and lots of love because when in doubt, flap ball change it out!


Elyse Reynolds.jpg

Name: Elyse Reynolds (or Pocahontalyse) 

Year: 4th year Concurrent Education student, majoring in Psychology 

Hometown: Unionville, ON

What does dance mean to you? Without dance, I have no idea who I would be! Not only has dance provided me with an abundance of life skills but, it has also given me a sense of home. The studio has always been a place where I feel the most comfortable being my authentic self. To me, dance means family. No matter where I am, dance provides me with a community of incredible people who are grounded in passion, encouragement, dedication and handwork. The opportunities I have experienced because of dance have introduced me to some of the most remarkable people I know. These life long friends have changed my life for the better and consistently remind me what genuine happiness truly feels like!

Favourite youtube channel? Basically any channel that has videos of random animals such as pigeons, manatees, possums, alpacas, raccoons etc. Oh also, I will watch pretty much any video that includes songs from broadway musicals. 

What is the theme song of your life? Easy...Why Not by Hilary Duff. However, a very close runner up is the 22.39 minute Happily Ever After soundtrack from the Magic Kingdom firework display at Walt Disney World. The 24.34 minute Festival of Fantasy Parade soundtrack would also do the job. 

If you were a special award, what would it be called and why?

“The Show Must Go On” I have quite the history of falling on stage, in the studio or well, pretty much anywhere! I really just lack coordination and balance (which after 18 years of dance, makes sense right? not.) But have no fear, I always get back up to laugh at my clumsy self.

Dance Background/Experience

As a three year old energetic handful, my parents put me in dance hoping it would be a good outlet for me to jump around in (and more importantly, a chance for the house to be quiet for an hour). Flash forward 18 years later and my days of frolicking around in the studio have not stopped. I grew up dancing at Sandra Amodeo Dance Studio and competed in all styles since the age of 8. I began teaching both recreational and competitive classes in high school to dancers ranging from age 3-16. At Queen’s I have taught both Intermediate and Pre-Advanced Tap for QDC, competed with Flow Performance Crew and taken a variety of QDC classes.


You can contact Elyse and her Co-President, Sophia Anne, with any general questions regarding QDC at presidents@queensdanceclub.com.