Dorothy Tang

Intermediate Ballet Teacher (winter semester)

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Name/Nickname: Dorothy Tang/D-Tang

Year/Program: 3rd Year Con-Ed (French Major)

Hometown: Mississauga

What does dance mean to you? Dance is a form of expression through the soul, without needing to say a single word. It allows me to release my inner emotions in a million different ways. Dance is something I can rely on when I feel stressed, mad or happy because I can exert all my focus and energy into making something beautiful.

What is your favorite youtube channel? Jess and Gabriel. Seriously the cutest couple I have ever seen on Youtube, with the most beautiful voices.

Most memorable dance experience? My studio did Act 2 of Swan Lake when I was in grade ten. It was the hardest but most rewarding ballet I have ever done. I remember literally drops of sweat falling from the side of my face into my eyes and it stung like crazy, but it was definitely worth it and in my top 3 most iconic times of my life.




Dance Background/Experience

  • Trained in Vaganova Ballet technique from age 6 and pointe work since age 10

  • Performed in many professional ballet productions such as Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, Les Sylphides and Le Grand Pas de Quatre, as well as performed ballet variations from Don Quixote and Giselle.

  • Assisted and taught ballet classes with young dancers

  • Attended Cawthra Park Secondary school, majoring in dance

  • Was a part of QDC’s Performance Team

  • Taught QDC’s beginner ballet in 2018-2019