Corrie Campol

Beginner Tap Teacher 


 I am  hoping my  beginner tap  class will allow  anyone who did not  get the chance to try  tap before coming to Queens  the opportunity to try it and  fall in love with it the way I  did. My class will help teach and  build on any previous tap technique as  well as give any dancers the confidence  to perform on stage. Not only am I hoping  my dancers will walk away with new steps but  I am hoping they will walk away with a new-­‐found  love for tap dance.



Name: Corrie   

Program/Faculty: 2nd  Year Kinesiology

Hometown: Richmond  Hill, ON

What is your favourite part about QDC? My  favourite part of QDC is how welcoming  and inclusive it is. Finding opportunities  to dance in university can be challenging,  but I find QDC is a place for all dancers to  come together no matter their previous training and  share their love for dance. Due to the fact that QDC  offers so many styles of dance in all levels I know there  is a class for everyone, which is why QDC is so different to  any other club on campus.

What does dance mean to you? Dance to me is an escape from  my day to day stress and anxieties  that come with school and life itself.  When I dance my mind is able to escape all  other responsibilities and is able to focus on  the way movement feels in my body. Being a kinesiology  student dance has also become a learning platform myself.  When I dance I love to take what I have learned in my classes  about the human body and explore it in my own body while I am dancing.    

 What  is your  favourite Netflix show? Gossip Girl  100%

What  is your  guilty pleasure?  Bachelor. I love a  good reality tv show.


Dance Background/Experience

I  have  been dancing  since I was 3  years old at JCB  Danceworks in Richmond  Hill. At age 6 I joined  the competitive team and competed  for 11 years. Throughout those 11 years  I competed and trained in all styles of  dance such as ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary,  hip hop and acro. I have completed all of my Royal Academy  of Dance ballet levels. I had a tap trio for 6 years and a  tap solo for 4, both winning many special and overall score awards.  As well I was in the St. Elizabeth and Westmount Collegiate Institute  High School dance programs. My experience at JCB has lead me to love  dance as well as love to teach dance as I was a teacher for recreational  and competitive dancers for 5 years.

Check out Corrie’s choreography to see if Beginner Tap is right for you!