Chloe Everett

Co-marketing Director

Chloe Everett.jpg

Name/ Nickname: Chloe, ChloMONEY

Year/Program: Third year Geography Major

Hometown: Aurora, Ontario

What does dance mean to you? Dance to me is a support system, an outlet and a passion. Dance has not only given me so many opportunities but has taught me so many lessons will stay with me forever. Dance has introduced me to my closest friend who I now consider family. No matter where I am, or what’s going on in my day to day life, dance makes me feel at home. Dance is happiness.

What is your favourite YouTube channel? What’s up Jake Paulers!!!!!!!

What is the theme song of your life? Money by Cardi B. No further explanation needed.

Most memorable dance experience? When I think about dance I think about the long nights spent at the studio, the crazy competition makeup, getting to travel with some of my closest friends and the very famous excuse “sorry, can’t. I have dance.” Out of all those unforgettable memories my favourite one has to be my dad’s enthusiasm and support when it came to my love for dance. From sewing my point shoes, to cheering me on at every performance, my dad has been there. After high school my dad persuaded me to continue celebrating my love for dance, making him a main contributor to my evolvement with QDC. On that note I think its fair to say...thank you for everything dad!

You can contact Chloe and her Co-Directors with any questions regarding QDC marketing at