Caroline Tsambalieros

Cardiofunk 2 Teacher 


f you’re looking for an upbeat, fun, dance workout then Cardiofunk is perfect for you! Each week will start with a cardio warm-up and a stretch and then move into a different skill depending on what the class wants to work on that week (abs, arms, legs, etc.) We’ll then move into a high energy dance workout routine that’s sure to leave you sweating and smiling. My goal is to make each week something different and exciting that will encourage everyone to do their best, reach their potential, and enjoy themselves. There is no previous dance experience necessary so I encourage everyone to come out and dance with me! I promise you won’t be disappointed!




Name/Nickname: Caroline Tsambalieros, Carol, Carl

Year and Program: 4th year Political Science and Drama

Hometown: Toronto, ON

What does dance mean to you?

Dance means everything to me. It allows me to escape and explore. It has taught me confidence, persistence, and dedication. Every time I dance I learn and I grow and I get an unexplainable feeling of happiness that I have never found in any other activity I have pursued. I might have found my passion for dance later in life than most people, but I will be forever grateful that I found it.

What is your favourite Netflix show? Dance Moms, duh!

What is your favourite dance move? A grand jete - because it makes me feel like I’m flying.

Which Harry Potter house would you belong to and why? I would be in Hufflepuff because I’m hardworking, loyal and honest.


Dance Background/Experience

I have been dancing for 6 years and teaching for 5 years. I have completed RAD ballet exams and have been trained in Ballet, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop, and Musical Theatre. I have also been a member of the Gotta Dance! Team.

Check out some of Caroline's moves to see if Cardio Funk 2 is right for you!