Class Registration

As QDC’s Free Trial Week comes to an end this Friday we are excited to announce that official QDC class registration will occur Friday, September 22nd and Saturday, September 23rd. Whether you have been waiting all summer to get in the studio or have always wanted to try a dance class, NOW is your chance to sign up.

This year, registration will be taking place ONLINE, and will occur on a first come first serve basis. In order to register you must be signed in on the ARC website using your username that should have been e-mailed to you by the ARC. If you do not have this information make sure you get it before Saturday so that you can set up your account. Registration will open at different times depending on what style of dance the class falls under; please review the outline below. Each class costs $80 for the entire year and all payments must be made by credit card through the ARC website. 

Many classes do fill up within minutes so make sure to log on at the correct time in order to increase your chances of getting in your desired classes! 

Here are the registration times for each genre: 

1:00 PM - Contemporary
1:15 PM - Ballet (incl. Advanced Ballet Technique)
1:30 PM - Tap

9:00 AM - Specialty (Cardiofunk 1 & 2, Advanced Choreography, and Creative Composition)
9:15 AM - Hip Hop (incl. Urban Fundamentals)
9:30 AM - Jazz (incl. Advanced Jazz Technique)
9:45 AM - Lyrical

If a class fills up, we will have a link to a waitlist for each class on the registration page. Students should only put their name down on the waitlist if the class they want to sign up for is full.
Registration Login:

Megan Golfetto