Annie Brennand

Fundraising Director + Beginner HIP HOP


Hello everyone!  My name is Annie and I will be teaching Beginner Hip Hop for QDC this year! My class is all about having fun and trying something new! You don’t need any dance (or hip hop specific) experience at all to join this class. All you need is a positive attitude! Each week we’ll explore a different style and different techniques to get you more comfortable and looking amazing for recital. I love collaboration so I’ll often ask for your music and style input! It’s totally a group effort so whatever you guys want to try, we will! I’d love for you to join my class, hope to see you there!

Annie HS.jpg

Name/Nickname: Annie Brennand

Year and Program: 4th Year Con-Ed!

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

What is your favourite part of QDC? My favourite part of QDC is the people! The members of the club are what make it so wonderful. I have made so many amazing friends through participating in QDC! Everyone has such a wonderful attitude and it is a community that feels like family. It is been the best part of my university experience so far. If you’re looking to make lifelong friendships, QDC is the place to be!

Which Harry Potter house would you belong to and why? Pottermore told me I would be a Hufflepuff, but I would like to say Gryffindor. I mean no shame to Hufflepuffs, but doesn’t everyone want to be a Gryffindor?

What emoji best represents your teaching/dancing style and why? Definitely the monkey covering its eyes or a self-deprecating funny face (is there one of those)? Because I make a lot of bad jokes and have a lot of brain farts, but I love to laugh at myself! Class will never be boring, that’s for sure!

If you were an ice cream flavour, which flavour would you be and why? Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough because I am chunky and sweet (insert monkey covering its eyes).


Dance Training and Experience:

It will be my second time teaching this class (I taught it in my second year) and I am beyond excited. I have been dancing since I was three years old and began competing in high school. I have always loved dance because it brings people together, builds confidence and is so much fun! I have trained in various styles but Hip Hop is my favourite. I can’t wait for you to fall in love with it as well.

You can contact Annie and her Co-Directors with any questions regarding QDC outreach, including Gotta Dance!, volunteering, and our charity, at