Alessia Mallozzi

Advanced jazz technique Teacher 


This a space where all dancers are able to grow as a dancer and further develop the technicalities that will help alongside all dance forms. The class will begin with a good warm up to get all the muscles warm before moving to across the floor. Across the floor will focus on jumps, turns and working on flexibility, to really strengthen these areas of each dancer’s technique. We will perfect and refine these skills as well as constantly learn new skills to expand our knowledge and repertories. The class will also involve learning combinations that include all the different techniques that will be focused on, plus new things to keep the class super fun and suited to all the dancers in the class. I’m super excited to be teaching, and to create a fun space that is inclusive to all dancers! Would definitely recommend quite a bit of experience as it is an advanced class!


Alessia Mallozzi.jpg

Name/Nickname: Alessia Mallozzi

Year/Program: 2nd year, Commerce

Hometown: Etobicoke, Toronto

What does dance mean to you? Dance is a passion I hold very close to my heart, having been dancing for 14 years! It is an art form that allows you to express yourself, and it has truly shaped me into the person I am today. Through dancing I have been able to develop confidence about myself as well has many life lessons, that have helped me through my university life.

What is your favorite youtube channel? Emma Chamberlain

What is the theme song of your life? Body by Loud Luxury

Most memorable dance experience? Definitely would be going to nationals in Orlando, Florida. At this national we won numerous overalls and was something I still look back on today.

Dance Background/Experience

I began dancing at the age of 5, and started competitive dance at the age of 7 through till dancing competitively on the Queens Dance team in my first year of university. As a competitive dancer I have learned many lessons and different experiences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I have been trained in many styles of dance such as lyrical, contemporary, jazz, ballet and hip hop. I have completed all the levels up to my intermediate exam in The Cecchetti Society ballet examinations. I have assisted dance instructors, attended conventions, as well as national competitions in the United States. I have gotten experience with dance teaching from assisting multiple dance classes of ballet and Jazz. I have grown a love for teaching and inspiring others and cannot wait to start!