Alana Williams

Pre-Advanced Jazz Teacher 


My class will aim towards strengthening skills, learning new techniques and bringing forth performance! Expressing/finding every dancers’ strengths, talents and individualities are what I aim to explore and work on in my classes throughout the year!

Recommended to have taken some ballet classes in the past. Some jazz experience. (3-4 years approx.)



Name/Nickname: lanz, lano, Williams

Year and program: Second year- artsci , (sociology major)

Hometown- Brampton, ON

What does dance mean to you?

Dance has been a part of my life for over 14 years now! To me, dance means: freedom, passion, courage and individuality. Being able to express myself through this form of art has definitely helped in shaping me into the person that I am today. Over the years, I have truly been able to watch myself mature and gain the self confidence that I would have never been able to explore without dance!

If you could work under any choreographer who would it be and why?Bobby Newberry!!! He is so fierce and fearless. Every time I take his classes I always catch myself screaming “yaaasss” or “workkk”. I feel like he would be a blast to work with!

What is your guilty pleasure? Eating Nutella & peanut butter directly from their jars. (yikes, my bad!!)

What is your favourite place to travel to? Love travelling anywhere in the Caribbean! Put me on a beach and I’m good! “Tropic like it’s hot!” am I right? :P

Dance Background/Experience

  • Dancing since the age of 3
  • Trained competitively for 14 years
  • Trained strictly in ballet at Canada’s National Ballet school for 2 years
  • Completed various RAD examinations over the years.
Check out some of Alana's choreography to see if Pre-Advanced Jazz is right for you!